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Wildlife Learning Foundation (WLF) is a nonprofit organization, which supports the objectives of the Wildlife Learning Center (WLC).  WLF’s primary responsibility is to seek and provide financial support for WLC’s animals and education programs. 

The WLC Objectives

  • To identify and receive animals in need to provide lifetime sanctuary and care.
  • To create and implement programs based on the California State Life Science standards and make these programs available to people of all economic levels.
  • Through onsite and outreach programs, increase the public's environmental awareness, concern, and appreciation for wildlife through public education.

WLC 2013 Annual Operating Budget  

Revenues for WLC, provided through WLF, include earned income from educational activities, foundation and corporate grants, and individual donations-

Animal Care Payroll (strictly) 
Animal Permits and Equipment    
Animal Feed, Behavioral Enrichment, Non Rx Meds.
Attorney, CPA and Other Professional Fees
Educator, Admin., and Maintenance Payroll (and Office Supplies)
Facility Expenses (Utilities, Maintenance, Rent, Enclosures etc.)
Finance Misc. Payments
Human Capital Support and Insurance (Gen. Liability, Work. Comp., Officer’s and Directors, Business Practices & Health)
Outreach and Vehicle Expenses
Vehicle Payments
Veterinary and Animal Health                                                                              


WLC’s Total 2013 Operating Budget  $713,952

WLC’s Board of Directors

David Riherd, Executive Director
Paul Hahn, President
Amy Foote, Secretary
Tammy List, Treasurer
Lauren Faust, Board Member
Nikki Osborn, Board Member

The Board Of Directors met 13 times in 2013 

WLC Needs Your Support

Ongoing fundraising supports the care of dozens of rescued and rehabilitated animals; covers veterinary care and daily animal care; funds enclosure construction and maintenance; provides school outreach programs; and pays for general operating costs. WLC's long-term goal is to expand the Center by purchasing the land it resides on, develop animal habitats, create a student classroom, and rescue more animals in need. Funds will also be needed for microscopes, desks, chairs, and biofacts.

Our staff dedicates its time, energy, and love of animals to work for this cause, but it is not enough without the support of other animal lovers. If you would like more information please contact Paul Hahn or David Riherd at 818-362-8711. 

If you would like to contribute, please send your donation to:

Wildlife Learning Foundation
15981 Yarnell Street, Suite 251
Sylmar, CA 91342

You can also support the Wildlife Learning Center
by making a donation through PayPal


Wildlife Learning Center sign

Wildlife Learning Center Experience

Visitors get an up-close look at animals from ecosystems around the world.  Visitors learn about the natural history of over fifty species of animals.  For a more interactive experience, visitors can sign up for one of our special tours and learn about topics such as wildlife conservation, adaptations, ecosystems, habitats, dietary needs, behavioral enrichment, and more.  Visitors can even schedule a personal visit with certain animals including feeding a porcupine, feeling the soft fur of a fox, touching the special armor of an armadillo, or even looking into the mysterious eyes of an owl as it perches on your gloved hand!


baby lynx Mission Statement

Provide sanctuary and lifetime care to wildlife in need and to educate the public to care about wildlife, the life sciences, conservation, and the environment we share.


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